Duterte Publicly Named 5 Police Generals
Allegedly Involved as Protectors of Drug Syndicates
Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio
Director Joel Pagdilao
Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz
Chief Superintendent Vicente Loot
Deputy Director-General Marcelo Garbo Jr.

The Accused Deny Involvement in the Illegal Drug Trade

Pretty Female Ride Taxi in Makati
Gang Raped Multiple Times
Rapist group has Raped a minimum of 6 Beautiful Filipinas
on different occasions after robbing them
Victim believes that many more have been raped but are ashamed to go public
Rapist Group has been raping young and beautiful female passengers
for many years (since 2003) and was only caught this June 2016
after Duterte warned extremely lazy and extremely corrupt policemen
policemen who targets law abiding citizen for extortion purposes
instead of actual criminals like rapist, robbers, murderers
that might not have financial reward (from extortion)
Citizens wonder how many more Rapist group exist after
Multiple Rapist group was caught in Quezon City just within June 2016 alone
only after Duterte has announced drive versus
extremely lazy and extremely corrupt policemen

Victims rely on Duterte for Justice instead of the current President

2 More Beautiful Female Passengers Simultaneously and Repeatedly Raped by
UV Express Driver and His Accomplice
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Rodrigo Duterte with American Joes

American Blessed Duterte Literally

American challenge Duterte

Duterte battle with 5 Americans with a showdown

How Duterte Won the Presidency

Duterte Appeal

Favorite Time of the Day of Duterte


Impeachment Plot Versus Duterte

Alleged Plan B
Impeachment Plot Versus Duterte
Nix and Denied by Robredo